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Youth and the Power of Exercise By: Garrett Young II

Today I was able to tune into a couple of videos on children's health. The reason why I was curious about this topic is because I am thinking about coaching again and I wanted to take a little dive on the subject.

The first video that I watched was the PBS documentary “Need To Know Physical Ed. in Naperville”.

I have seen this video before and I still agree with the points that are made in this short video. Some of the facts that I agree with in this video include schools obesity rate and how we are getting worse as the years go on.

The things that happened in Naperville should be replicated in one way or another. I say this because without using exercise as stimulus, we are not getting enough oxygen to the brain.

To go against the positive sides of this program; It makes me wonder who is truly benefiting by using this program. You would think everyone; but I do not know if inner city schools could have the same opportunities with the areas they are in.

Overall I see this being something that will be a positive change to everyone if a model is specifically designed for that schools program. In the end the data speaks for themselves. After 6 years the students who signed up for the program read half a year ahead of the students who choose to opt out. They go on to say that the data is even higher for math to where students were improving with 2-5 odds compared to others in their school and that's a really amazing outcome.

The second video I tuned into was the TED talk Run Jump Learn. In this video, they go on to prove the facts of what the Naperville schools are doing.

John Ratey talks about how Physical activity turns our brains on. He starts his conversation by demonstrating a squat to the audience. As they were performing the squats they were becoming more aware. Ratey goes on to explain that exercise is the most effective way to improve numbers in school and also for our brains to grow and expand. It's clear that new cells are born throughout our lives.

What was once a bland hypothesis has turned into an amazing fact. The more you exercise you are expanding the area that is therefore laying down new memories. This area is expanding through the progression of exercise.

I really liked this concept of progression, I say this because with any part of the growth cycle, the brain has certain drivers that help us grow in those areas. Without a certain stimulate that we all need, things in our lives will begin to become stale.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching those videos. And I invite you all to tune in and let me know what you think!

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