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“Hello World!”.. I want to be a programmer! By: Devin Baldwin

The day that you wake up and decide that you want to get into programming, is the day that you throw caution into the wind and embark on a new journey. A guaranteed adventure, filled with excitement, syntax and innovation! Congrats on starting your journey as a programmer! There are many languages and paths to choose from within the tech industry. The internet has a wide range of resources, I will be naming my Top 3.

1. One site that has been most beneficial to me personally is Codeacademy. Codeacademy is where you can obtain basic knowledge on how programming works. The platform revolves around interactive learning; you read a little, type your code right into the browser, and see results immediately. The tech stack taught at Codeacademy include: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Angularjs, The Command Line, and more.

2. YouTube will be one of your greatest tools in your programming journey, not only is it a great form of entertainment, but a pivotal resource for learning anything you desire to learn. Some great programming channels are:

Codecourse The courses on his channel include JavaScript breakout game creation, Lavarel, Real-time chat using the command line, PHP, tips for writing cleaner code, building a shopping cart using PHP and various such other concepts.

Thenewboston The channel also contains various videos which give an insight into various programming languages such as C, R, C++, HTML, Ruby, Java etc.

Lambda School With the Free Online Web Mini Bootcamp, Lambda provides a free introduction to web development, live-streamed monthly. They cover HTML/CSS and Javascript.

3. Last but most certainly not least, once you have the basic understanding of programming terms and concepts, I highly suggest taking a look at Lambda School. There courses include: Full Stack Development, Data Science and IOS Development. In the Full Stack course, they have a wide array of subjects that range from HTML/CSS to Computer Architecture. Lambda School, in my experience has provided me with a wealth of information and programming practices that has taken my passion for programming to new heights. With full-time and part-time options, Lambda works with your schedule, propelling you to be the best programmer you can be!

   Well my friends if you’ve made it this far then you have some idea of where to go from here. As for my own journey, I still have a lot to learn and am excited for what the future holds. Now that I’ve graduated Lambda School, the job hunt begins…

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