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5 Keys That Will Help You Crush Your Goals By: Isa Kargbo

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of having goals that don’t get checked off in time. You’re excited about them in the beginning when you set them, but as time passes, your excitement begins to dwindle as you begin realizing you’re not making the progress you thought you would be making. I remember feeling so discouraged in moments when I wasn’t seeing the progress I hoped for.  Thankfully over time I’ve found tools that have helped me, and I guarantee that these will help you too! I’ve learned that goal setting has to be strategic and specific. Many times goals are not accomplished because of the way we set them. Or often times we don’t set them at all, we just casually think about them and hope they come true. Wherever you are in the area of goal setting, I want to share with you 5 keys that will help you crush them.

1. Write it Down

I know this sounds cliche’ but it’s very true. Statistics show that you’re more likely to retain something if its written down. Writing your goals down shows that you are placing value over them. It allows you to build a layout and explore the ways you will go about attaining them.When goals are not written out and just left in our heads they often change, or can easily be forgotten.

2. Make Sure its Clear, Simple and REAL: Break it down if you need to.

It’s hard to meet goals that are unrealistic, too lengthy or simply not clear. Hear me out when I say  this; your goals need to sound as simple as 1 , 2 , 3. It needs to be something you can easily remember. It needs to be clear and forward. The manner in which you write your goals truly matters. When your goals are clear and straight to the point, this gives you a clear vision of where you’re going, and enables you to likely stick to them. When goals sounds too complicated, too vague, or unrealistic, we’re often a bit discouraged and allow fear to begin to get in the way.

3. Give Yourself Deadlines

I can’t stress enough how imperative deadlines are.  The number one reason why certain goals I had were never met was because I never stressed deadlines. I never put emphasis on deadlines. I quickly realized that not having deadlines affected my pace. Once I started incorporating deadlines I became more efficient and felt challenged to push myself. Nothing feels better than seeing things get checked off – ON TIME.

3. Place it everywhere so you can see it

I know this is another thing that sounds cliche, or a bit much, but I guarantee it will work! Especially for certain goals that require a certain level discipline or attention. The more you see it, the more you will remember it, the more your brain will register it, and the more familiar you’ll become with it. Place it in your car, your bathroom mirror, your bedroom, save it as your wallpaper etc.

  4. STOP to Check in ( check your progress as you go)

In high school they give progress reports and in college they give midterm grades. They do this so you can see how you’re doing. These grades are collectively calculated to help students assess where they stand, and helps students recognize areas they need to improve in. I believe we should treat our goals the same way. Stopping to do check ins will help us to stay on track and assess how we are doing.

5. Include God, bring him with you

There’s nothing like having Gods grace carry you through it. Some goals are harder than others, so its always good to have God encourage you in moments where you feel discouraged, and strengthen you in moments when you begin to feel weary. And ultimately you want to make sure the goals you’re pursing align with his will for your life.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Also, be reminded that everyone’s pace is not your pace. Your lane is different from everyone else’s. So make sure you’re setting healthy attainable goals. Don’t compare your process to others. Own the lane God has mapped out for you.

I want to remind you that you will only be as good as you think. You’re thoughts are powerful, so make sure you’re thinking positive things and speaking life over yourself.

I hope these points helped – Now go conquer the rest of 2019!

What other keys do you think will help in accomplishing goals? I’ll love to hear your thoughts!


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